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Ichiban Coupons | Coupon Features


Fraud Protection

Worried about someone duplicating your coupons? Ichiban Coupon Manager takes care of that by assigning every coupon with a unique identification number. With that unique identification number, you can check if the coupon has been previously redeemed at an earlier date.

Use with Facebook and Twitter

Use Ichiban Coupon Manager with today’s latest social networking tools. Have your coupons appear in a Tweet on Twitter or a Post on a Facebook page. If you choose to have your coupons integrated as a Facebook Application, you will have the option have posting directly to a user’s wall.
One of Ichiban Coupon Manager’s unique features is its Facebook application integration. You gain not only having your coupons on Facebook but are also able view statistical information such as the age, gender and location of the users who viewed your coupons.

Personalize and Control Coupons

Coupons can be customized in both look and feel and personalized for viewers. Personalize coupons by having a viewers name appear on that coupon making it only redeemable by them. Set how many times a coupon can be viewed and the dates the coupon will active. Require a viewer to be logged into you site to view a coupon and many more control options.

Custom Fields

Every coupon has a variety of fields that can be filled out to give as much or as little information as needed. Include fields such as address, contact information, image, sku numbers, coupon description and more!

Coupons on your website!

Do you need your coupons on your website? Then you can easily have your coupons implemented on your site through iFrames. Simply copy and paste the code that is automatically generated for you into your site.

Use with Wordpress and Joomla

Do you have a WordPress, Joomla or a website that has a user management system? Then in addition to using an iFrame, you have the option of having a user’s personal information tied into your coupons. When these features are combined, you gain more control when distributing your coupons and are able to generate useful statistical information.